Fort William Rail Trail

Welcome to this 2.5km self-guided walking trail, through 125 years of railway history in the West Highland town of Fort William. The route parallels the original course of the West Highland Railway, passing the site of Fort William’s original station which closed in 1975. Historic photographs at each stop show the railway as it used to be in the golden age of steam!

Fully Illustrated Trail Guide

If you’d like to walk the trail, you can download the fully illustrated trail guide in pdf format to print out or to read on your portable device.

How long does it take to walk the trail?

Typically 60-90 minutes depending how long you spend at each stop. If you have less time, you can of course choose to skip some stops or walk only part of the route. One way to shorten the route is: After visiting Stop 8 (Old Station Entrance), cross straight over the dual carriageway at the lights and walk up Station Square to the House of Clan Jamfrie (Stop 12).

Aerial Photo


This aerial photograph shows the northeastern end of Fort William around 1970. Several of the stops visited in the Fort William Rail Trail can be seen in the photo.

Click the image to zoom in for more detail.


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