Western Scotland (1935) Railway Poster

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Western Scotland (1935) Railway Poster

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Richard Furness in his wonderful book, Poster to Poster, Railway Journeys in Art, Volume One considers Norman Wilkinson to be one of the top poster artists of all time.  He writes about this poster on page 106 and brings attention to the way that the shadows and cragginess of the rocks are painted ‘in a quite magical way’.  This poster was commissioned by London, Midland and Scottish Railway and London and North Eastern Railway in 1935.  Notice the croft near the water’s edge, tiny against the imposing mountain in the background.

This poster is available in two sizes, as a mini poster or as a large poster printed on Giclee paper. See sizes and prices below.

Western Scotland – LMS/LNER, by Norman Wilkinson 1935




Western Scotland – LMS/LNER (London, Midland and Scottish Railway/London and North Eastern Railway), by Norman Wilkinson 1935.

This is poster 7 of a series of 26 classic images reproduced in 2011 for the Scottish Highlands Railway Poster Art Exhibition. This image is from Series 1.

These art posters are available in complete sets of postcard size. Series 1 (26 postcards) and Series 2 (26 postcards) are available for £12.50 each.

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