Fort William (1932) LNER Railway Poster

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Fort William (1932) LNER Railway Poster

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Richard Furness in his book Poster to Poster, Railway Journeys in Art, Volume 1, gives the date of this poster as the early 1920s.   This poster shows the original train line as it existed prior to the 1970s when it was moved from the lochside.  The magnificent Highland Hotel appears as the large building overlooking the town.  Many buildings can be recognised in this poster and the town is recognisable as Fort William.  The huge presence of Britain’s highest peak, Ben Nevis, appears as a green collosus in the background.  The artist is noncomittal with the weather however, painting the sky white leaves the viewer to decide whether this represents a clear blue sky or one massive cloud.  Ben Nevis’s peak is only visible a few days each year so I leave you to decide.

Fort William by East Coast Route – LNER, by Grainger Johnson 1932.




Fort William by East Coast Route – LNER (London North Eastern Rail), by Grainger Johnson 1932.

This is number 14 of a series of 26 railway art posters reproduced in 2013 for exhibition at Glenfinnan Station Museum and other venues in the Scottish Highlands.  This image is from Series 2.

In addition to the small and large poster sizes, these art posters are also available in complete sets of postcard size. Series 1 (all 26 postcards) and Series 2 (all 26 postcards) are available for £20 per set.

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