Camping Coaches (1939) Railway Poster

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Camping Coaches (1939) Railway Poster

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Vivid red trees and warm yellows surround this group of people as they enjoy a day in late summer.  This railway poster was commissioned by London North Eastern Railway in 1939 to promote camping coaches.





LNER Camping Coaches – LNER 1939

This is number 23 in a series of 26 railway art posters reproduced in 2013 for exhibition at Glenfinnan Station Museum and other venues in the Scottish Highlands.  This image is from Series 2.

In addition to the small and large poster sizes, these art posters are also available in complete sets of postcard size. Series 1 (all 26 postcards) and Series 2 (all 26 postcards) are available for £12.50 each.

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